[MP3] Download BLESSED BY ASSOCIATION by Apostle Joshua Selman (December 5, 2021)


Find below Koinonia Abuja Sunday Service with Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak for Sunday, 5th December, 2021. Here are some excerpts from the programme:  Relationships are advantageous connections, that are mutually beneficial to all the parties involved. Everything in life multiplies on the basis of relationships. You have to become an active contributor to the growth of your relationships. Relationships matter; your eternal destiny can be determined by your relationships. Three kinds of relationships/associations: General Relationships, Seasonal Relationships and Destiny Relationships.
If you have discernment, some relationships can secure your future. If you can be blessed by association, you can also be cursed by association. Relationships are currencies; which means they can purchase things, people, and conditions into our lives. Relationships are powerful, they are keys to growth and excelling in life. You can’t afford to not listen to this powerful session with Apostle. Click the below button to download now (mb)

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[MP3] Download BLESSED BY ASSOCIATION by Apostle Joshua Selman (December 5, 2021) 6
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