Prophet Ritabbi


Prophet Ritabbi Biography

Ritabbi, the Son of the Prophet was born on the 17th day of March 1977, in Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH), in Jos Plateau State, Nigeria by his Mother, Mrs. Clementina George, a petty trader in kwararafa Market in Jos. She was told by an Angel of God when unconscious during delivery by Cesarean Section (CS), that she has given birth to a son to be called Ezenwa, he shall rule on Earth and in Heaven and draw souls to the Kingdom of God.

Ritabbi went to LGED Primary School and was on a scholarship to Government Secondary School, Panshin, which he finished and he was not able to further his education to the University, because there was no money so he entered into business in Kwararafa market where he started truck pushing then started selling beans, crayfish and he then became a dealer of rice and God prospered him and he made his first million Naira at the age of 18. He was among the 3 richest people in the Market before God called him to Ministry.

But in the Year 1983, Ritabbi a boy of 6 Years was on his way back home from LGED primary school when God spoke to him saying:


“Ezenwa, Ezenwa do not disappoint me, I am sending you to empty the Kingdom of Darkness and to increase the Kingdom of Light and I said who are you Lord, He said I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the God of Now, Now, No Principalities, No Powers have the right to cage my people, but He said seek first the Kingdom and it’s Righteousness, then all these things men are dying for, begging to receive will follow you.” (Matthew 6:33)

The name ‘Ritabbi’ is an angelic name to the Son of the Prophet by God which means ‘Little Master’, ‘Little Teacher’ or ‘Little Prophet’. Ritabbi is a man of God who was called from the womb with the mandate to EMPTY the kingdom of darkness through the preaching of righteousness. He has unique gifts of prophecy, heaving and instant deliverance from any captivity of Satan. All these gifts are achieved through total dependence on God.

At the age of six, God gave the Son of the Prophet a mandate from the scripture (Matthew 6:33) which he held unto this day. All through his youthful days, he preached the word of God with power and in truth, going from place to place, market to market chastising men to walk in righteousness. Despite all the oppositions, trials, temptations, name callings etc he experienced, he stood firm, holding unto the truth and the mandate given to him. Guarding around himself with the word of God, having faith and comfort in the unseen promises of God upon his life. He is always hardworking in order to fulfil his destiny. As a child born with sickle cell anaemia (SS), he fought the sickness medically but to no avail but when he keyed into the word of God which says “…by his stripes we are healed”, he was healed completely from the sickle cell anaemia (SS). He has was born and brought up in the land, yet he lives in righteousness and always says “Who’s Oxen Have I Taken”.

God promised that he would send to us a Prophet of His own and put His words in his mouth, filled with knowledge and understanding to teach men the truth and to draw men closer to Him in the last days (Jeremiah 3:15). Ritabbi was sent as an eye opener turning men from darkness to light with total repentance and asking God for forgiveness of their sins. Speaking the word of God with power and in truth without fearing any man (Acts 26:18). Ritabbi is a righteous and violent preacher who is a bold as a Lion, but never compromises by any means, living as an example for all, with the goals to make heaven at last and to attain the promise of Christ.

With his unique gift of Prophecy and total Deliverance which has never been seen before, Ritabbi prophesies to men, telling them what is caging them in their lives, families, marriages, business and delivering them instantly from all kinds of captivities from the evil ones (Isaiah 42:7). Also, Ritabbi beinga righteous preacher, he preaches righteous messages, revelation messages, faith building messages, inspirational messages, words of wisdom etc all revealed to him by God. Being a spiritual father and a teacher to his children, he uses his life as an example to preach the gospel of God with proof that is possible of live a righteous life.


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